Massage and Body treatments

This massage is relaxing and soothing to the entire body. Light pressure is used throughout the massage to increase blood circulation and reduce stress. 

A full body massage which focuses on problematic areas of the body (neck, back and shoulder pain) Various techniques and pressures are applied. 

Deep Tissue 
Firm pressure is used to loosen muscle and connective tissue deeper in the body. Deeper pressure and friction are also used to physically break down adhesions to relieve pain and restore normal body movement. 

Ultimate Back and Neck 
An upper body massage concentrating on the back, neck and chest to help reduce pain and stress. Applies to Swedish, Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, and Ultimate Back & Neck Massages:30 min.$5060 min.$9590 min.$1251 Hour Student Special$45Pregnancy 
This massage focuses on relieving the body from new postures due to pregnancy. It is designed with the mother and baby in mind. 

Essential Oils are used in the massage to help maintain and balance the body. Applies to Pregnancy and Aromatherapy Massages:1 Hour$100Hot Stones 
This ancient Chinese therapy incorporates heated stones, along with various techniques to relax the body and stimulate blood circulation. Applies to Hot Stone Massage:90 min.$155Exfoliating Scrub 
Support the largest organ of your body with an exfoliating scrub. By buffing the outer most layers of skin, you will instantly feel softer and smoother. It can also help to reduce and prevent fine lines and body blemishes. Applies to Exfoliating Scrub Treatment:30 min. add-on to any massage$40

“Massage is a Gift of Wellness to Yourself.”

How massage affects every system in the body:

Nervous SystemReleases stressReleases endorphinsReduces anxietyPromotes relaxationDecreases painActivates sensory receptorsImproves alertnessMuscular SystemRelieves muscular tensionRelaxes musclesReduces muscle soreness and fatigueReduces trigger point formationsManually separates muscle fibersIncreases range of motionReduces spasms and crampingImproves performanceImproves motor skillsLengthens musclesIncreases flexibilityTones weak musclesDecreases inflammationImproves muscle nutritionEndocrine SystemIncreases dopamine levelsIncreases serotonin levelsReduces cortisol levelsReduces norepinephrine levelsReduces epinephrine levelsReduces feelings of depression/anxietyDigestive SystemPromotes evacuation of the colonRelieves constipationRelieves colic and intestinal gasStimulates digestionCirculatory SystemDecreases high blood pressurePromotes lymph circulationIncreases blood circulationAlleviates migraine painRespiratory SystemReduces respiration rateStrengthens respiratory musclesDecreases the sensation of dyspnea (shortness/difficulty of breathing)Decreases asthma attacksIncreases fluid discharge from the lungsIntegumentary SystemOffers sense of nourishment through touchPromotes feeling of belongingImproves conditionPromotes regenerationReduces scar tissue and stretch marksUrinary SystemIncreases urine outputPromotes the excretion of nitrogen, inorganic phosphorous and sodium chloride in urineSkeleton SystemIncreases joint flexibilityIncreases mineral retention in bonePromotes fracture healingDecreases arthritis pain
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